Friday, October 28, 2016

EXTRA CREDIT sketchbook (Free Draw)

My goal for this piece was to create an image showing interesting shadows made from one of Mr. Gaudreau's collection of random items. I accomplished this by choosing an interesting sculpture with dramatic shadow and highlights. I was surprised with how much I'm improving with charcoal. This assignment seemed easier than the others because I'm getting used to the charcoal. My drawing is mainly about shadows. The most difficult challenge I think was just getting started and figuring out what to draw first. I had to see the piece not as an image of a statue but a composition of light and shadow. Another artist in the class that I learned from was Rachel Miller. I loved her attention to detail and how clean her entire piece came together. My drawing really works in my use of shadows. If i had a do over I would probably change the picture I took to begin with. I loved the one I chose but if I had the chance I might choose sculpture entirely. The best thing about my work is my use of light and shadows

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